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Radon Mitigation

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Are parts of your home red-hot in the summer or freezing in the winter? Now you can boost your comfort level, improve indoor air quality and save money every month.

Odorless and dangerous

According to the United Nations World Health Organization, most radon-induced lung cancers are from low and medium dose exposures in people’s own homes. Translation: Radon is not only a health issue at very high levels, any exposure can have a negative effect on your health. Radon gas exposure is similar to smoking cigarettes in that there is no safe level, and less is always healthier. Radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer throughout the world, and in the United States alone at said to cause over 20,000 cancer deaths per year. The real tragedy, and is that this is easily preventable if people would just have their homes tested and remediated if necessary.

You may have neighbors on both sides that have systems, but you do NOT need a system, or neither neighbor has a system, but you DO need one. Because the gas is odorless and tasteless, you don’t know if you have elevated levels unless you do a test. An inexpensive test from McGuckin Hardware or Home Depot will give you a good starting point to know if you have a high or low level, or you can call a qualified home inspector to test for you.

To learn more about Radon Gas, and how it may affect you, check out the EPA Website:

Quality, Creative Solutions

We install quality, energy efficient radon mitigation systems. We do some things a little differently than many companies. All systems are installed to the EPA standards with qualified installers. Some of the little differences include our consultation with you on how you want the system to look, and getting creative on the location as needed. We also think about the energy usage over the life of the fan, so we actually size your system with the smallest fan that will effectively help you reach your goals. Larger fans can often use over 3x the energy of the smaller fans. We design the system to effectively draw from under your basement floor or crawlspace radon barrier with the minimum effort for the best energy savings. If we design the system more completely and use more quality materials, we can reduce the need for a larger fan.

We use more materials to distribute the suction under your home. We use lower VOC adhesives to seal our radon and vapor barriers. Yes they are more expensive, but they don’t burn our our valuable employees brain cells like many adhesives will, and they are healthier for your family. Yes, they cost a bit more, but both the health benefits, and the fact that they stay pliable over the years insures they maintain the seal better than subfloor adhesives and other shortcuts that some companies may take.

Other Benefits

An additional benefit from an active radon system is that it actually pulls moisture out from below your home, which can be a benefit for your foundation and your indoor air quality beyond just reducing radon levels. We make sure to seal up the basement floor or crawlspace radon barrier really well so it is pulling air from below your home, and not pulling out valuable conditioned air from your home, which would increase your heating and cooling bill, as well as risk backdrafting your furnace our hot water heater in some circumstances. We design the system to avoid these scenarios.