Health and air quality

Energy Audit

Boulder’s best quality radon mitigation team

Our advance energy audit starts with listening to your comfort concerns. We listen to you needs first, and then use our blower door and thermal camera to scan your home from top to bottom. Then we know where the leaks are, and where the insulation is either thick or thin, and have the “X-Ray” pictures to show you. We can then put together a road map to increase the comfort and efficiency of your home based on your personal goals. Let us show you how we did this for one of your neighbors in Boulder.

Boulder Case Study

Boulder resident Ryan Van Duzer’s home in Boulder, Colorado was CHILLY! Eco Handyman determined that it was missing insulation in the floor, and re-insulated the floor with cellulose insulation. We can also do this for you if you live in Boulder, Louisville, Longmont, Lafayette or Superior Colorado. We cover Denver metro through referral only. Let us warm up your home with insulation and airsealing!