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Insulation, Radon Systems, Whole House Fans, Ventilation, Crawlspace Moisture Control + Much More. We DON’T do regular handyman projects.
Servicing Boulder County and North of Denver communities.

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Boulder’s Best Home Insulation and energy efficiency Solutions

We listen to your comfort issues, budget and other concerns. Then we apply our understanding of advanced building science and our thermal cameras, to bid out the solutions you choose. We will always listen, and won’t be pushy. The goal is more comfortable spaces for your family, and the lower energy usage and environmental benefits don’t hurt either!

Insulation & Energy Efficiency

Are parts of your home red-hot in the summer or freezing in the winter? Now you can boost your comfort level, improve indoor air quality and save money every month.

Insulation and airsealing may be part of what is needed after you do one of our energy audits. We can help make those hot and cold rooms much more comfortable and less drafty while using less energy. Let us know of any comfort issues you have, even if that newer furnace or cooling system didn’t help much in the past. We take an advanced approach to solving your comfort issues that looks at other underlying problems and possible solutions.


Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation Boulder:

According to the United Nations World Health Organization, most radon-induced lung cancers are from low and medium dose exposures in people’s own homes. Translation: Radon is not only a health issue at very high levels, any exposure can have a negative effect on your health. Radon gas exposure is similar to smoking cigarettes in that there is no safe level, and less is always healthier. Radon is the second largest cause of lung cancer throughout the world, and in the United States alone at said to cause over 20,000 cancer deaths per year. The real tragedy, and is that this is easily preventable if people would just have their homes tested and remediated if necessary.

Boulder’s Best Energy Efficiency Experts Are Here to Help

Contact us today to see how we can make your home more comfortable, efficient, and eco-friendly.


Get To Know us

About Eco Handyman

We are based out of Boulder, and are the only full service insulation, radon mitigation and bath remodel company in the area. We serve Boulder County for our remodeling services and Boulder County plus cities between Boulder and North Denver, but not Denver for our Energy Retrofit services including insulation, air sealing and radon. We try to restrict service area to Boulder County so save on fuel and time. We get referrals outside this area where someone wants exactly what their family member or friend received from us in Boulder. We are happy to prepare a proposal for you as well, but we charge for the assessment and proposal outside of Boulder County.


We were extremely pleased with Eco Handyman. They responded quickly and did an expert job on a difficult problem. Eco Handyman is on our “A List.” We recommend them whole-heartedly.
— John & Char P.
My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Eco Handyman. We have a 50 year old house and it really needed some TLC. The house was always either too hot or too cold, noisy, and drafty. After visiting with several contractors, it was very clear that Nate, Owner of Eco-HM, was the most knowledgeable. I had a list of things I felt needed to be completed to make the house more comfortable. Nate did a full assessment of the house and recommended insulation and duct work to start. These were actually the least expensive items on the list, which was a relief to us. Nate’s crew arrived a couple weeks later and did an excellent job! They were polite and professional, clean, and very thorough. We were very impressed with the work they did and we immediately noticed the difference in comfort level. Next project…… And we know exactly who is getting that job! Thanks Eco-Handy Man! Looking forward to having you all out again.
— Pat L.
The folks at Eco Handyman went beyond the extra mile to help us understand the mounds of confusing paper work to claim our rebates and tax credits. They gave us annotated bills, helped us fill out the appropriate forms, and sort through a labyrinth of regulations and complicated web sites. Without this help, we would probably have missed half the rebate opportunities.
— Dave & Jennifer S.
We always had a cold home and high energy bills. Then we had Eco Handyman insulate the attic/garage ceiling/overhangs and seal the crawl space. Now our home feels warmer and more comfortable. I anticipate significantly lower energy bills. The guys were great to work with: The whole crew was professional, and respected our space. Nathaniel is incredibly knowledgeable about all matters regarding energy efficiency. They were so nice, so I actually enjoyed the remodel process and the handyman took care of some electrical problems at the same time.
— Beth B.